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"I haven't known peace and quiet for so long I can't remember what it's like."
Bob Dylan, "Idiot Wind", © 1974/2002 Ram's Horn Music

"By popular demand", here's a list of the latest Bob Dylan Rarity Updates made to the site. If you have any items to add to the site, please contact me here. Please make sure the subject of your message includes the word "Dylan"- this will ensure it's not deleted by the site Spam filter. This is absolutely vital - incoming Spam has been up to 13,300 messages per day, and I'm sure some of your valuable messages have been missed! Please retry if your message was rejected or if you haven't received a reply.

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Revised: 17 August, 2017

Recent Updates

This list by date covers the last two months, and only includes new entries, not changes or corrections to existing entries.

The backlog for additions has been cleared, but for this and the up-to-date list of wanted releases, see here. The last item to be added was submitted on 7 Jun 2017. Please check the backlog list before submitting entries, too many duplicate submissions (especially of new releases) have been received in the past. The site is closed for additions until the start of October, but after that the following rule will be applied strictly. Please note, in order to reduce the huge number of submissions, only submit scans of new items. If you have a variant copy of an item already listed on the site, please submit only a text description of your item that can be pasted into the web page. This will make the additions significantly easier to handle, and avoid web pages becoming too long. This is a permanent policy for the site, now being enforced. Thank you for your co-operation.

"Bob Dylan Worldwide -The First Twenty Years" - the first instalment of what will hopefully be the definite Dylan discography, published by Christoph Maus/Maus of Music, Hamburg, Germany . This was published in advance of Bob's 75th birthday, in mid-April 2016. Heartfelt thanks to the contributors to this site who have helped with preparing this book - they are credited for their contributions. Please buy this book from "Isis" here . Thanks to Sonny Boy McFitzson for news the book can be bought in Japan from Disk Union here . Sample pages from the book are shown here.

Rarities Updates:


Other Updates:

17 Aug 2017:          

Greenwich Village: Music That Defined A Generation - 2013 Kino US DVD release of 2012 documentary with early 1960s Dylan content added to VHS & DVD 2010s

16 Aug 2017:          

No Direction Home - 2016 Capitol US "10th Anniversary" 4 disc Deluxe boxed set of 2005 Martin Scorsese documentary added to VHS & DVD 2005-06

No Direction Home
- 2016 Capitol Japan "10th Anniversary" 2DVD set of 2005 Martin Scorsese documentary added to VHS & DVD 2005-06


11 Aug 2017:   18 Jul 2017: 17 Aug 2017:    

The Times They Are A-Changin' - 2017 Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music France mono vinyl release of 1964 album on clear vinyl added to International Mono Releases

Somos El Mundo [We Are The World]/Gracia [Grace] [USA for Africa] - CBS Mexico 7" stereo charity single with Bob contributing to A-side added to 1985

Song To Song - Broadgreen Pictures US/Studio Canal UK Blu-ray/DVD releases of 2017 film with Rollin' And Tumblin' from Modern Times added to VHS & DVD Releases with Dylan album tracks 2010s

The Collection - 2009 Sony Music/Camden Canada budget CD compilation added to International Album Releases (Dylan-Only Compilations) 2000s

10 Jul 2017: 17 Jul 2017: 1 Jul 2017: 6 Jul 2017: 14 Jul 2017: 18 Jul 2017:

Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts [Various] - 2017 Bear Family Germany 3CD boxed set of original 1972 releases with live performances by Bob and The Band from Carnegie Hall, New York, 1968
added to 1972

Down In The Groove - Discos CBS Argentina stereo vinyl test pressing of 1988 album with rarities added to 1988

Confundido En La Tristeza [Tangled Up In Blue]/Si La Ves, Salúdala [If You See Her, Say Hello] - CBS Mexico 7" stereo single with two songs from Blood On The Tracks added to International Single Releases: 7" Singles & EPs 1975

Hard Rain - Discos CBS Argentina stereo cassette release of 1976 live album added to International Album Releases (Regular)

Paper Towns
- 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment US/UK Blu-ray/DVD releases of 2015 film with Must Be Santa from Christmas In The Heart added to VHS & DVD Releases with Dylan album tracks 2010s

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - 1980s Columbia US stereo vinyl LP release of 1963 album exported to Sweden added to International Album Releases (Regular)

The main Rarities List is now in individual year pages, which now contain only the main Rarities List. Access the yearly pages by going to the appropriate decade (Part 1 - the 1960s, etc.).  The Rarities header page for each decade now contains links to the other audio pages for that decade. To remove some confusion I have stopped using separate R-numbers for mono and stereo rarities - a mono version now has the same R-number as the stereo version with an "M" suffix, e.g. the mono version of "R-0001" is "R-0001M". This has released several R-numbers which have now been reused.

International Mono Releases now has a page per official album plus several more for compilation albums. Mono 7" Singles & EPs (up to 1976) also have their own pages.

"International Stereo Releases" is split into "Regular Albums" (again with one page per album), "Dylan-Only Compilations", "Various Artists Compilations" (each in multiple sections) and "International Stereo Singles". All stereo promo album releases including Radio Station albums have now been moved to the appropriate album page in International Albums (Regular). Similarly, all stereo promo singles have now been moved to the appropriate singles pages of International Singles. This has removed many cross-references between those pages and the former Promo albums and singles pages. Stereo singles are now in a single multi-part chronological list with the former "US Stereo Singles", "International Stereo EPs & CD Singles" and "Promotional Singles" pages combined. For links see below.

"VHS & DVD" is split into multiple pages by decade. All Honourable Mentions are here. Traveling Wilburys rarities are here.

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In answer to queries about making the pages "printer-friendly", the volatility of the site means I strongly discourage people from printing out these pages. Any printed page would soon be out-of-date! For proof of this, just see above. Also, because of the regular page restructuring that seems to be required as the site expands, if you link to the site, it's best to link to the Home Page only.

Contacting Bob Dylan

This is a fan site with no connection to Bob - that means you can't contact him through me! I used to have a postal address for Bob's New York business office that I thought was correct, but I have since been informed by someone who wrote to that address that their mail was returned. I have never had an email address. I can only suggest you contact Bob's publisher Simon & Schuster or use the feedback page at I also have no means of helping anyone who wants to meet Bob Dylan or obtain his autograph!

Ongoing virus and spam effect on mail services

I obviously have to make this site's email address openly available so it's being abused by third parties to send Spam. Some correspondents use ISPs whose Anti-Spam policies now reject replies from me as Spam. If I can't send a message to you, I'll post a reply on this page. Therefore, if you're expecting a reply from me and haven't received one, please look here.

Picture Submissions:

Because of the huge number of submissions to this site I would be very grateful if you could submit scanned pictures 100% ready to be added to a page. Sadly, digital photos are usually disappointing with unrealistic colours, unwanted reflections and badly distorted geometrically, so I prefer not to use them. Taking digital photos and sending them to me is usually a waste of your time! That means all pictures should be aligned so they're exactly horizontal and vertical, especially label pictures, and cropped to be exactly square (or 2:1 if gatefold). I add pictures to the site at 320x320 (640x320 for gatefold) but I like submissions to be 300 dpi so I can show details if necessary. Pictures of sleeve/label details you submit should be either 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1, I can't easily use pictures on my pages with different width/height ratios as they spoil the look of the pages. Scan LP sleeves in four sections on a flatbed scanner and "stitch" them together in a program like Adobe PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro to show the whole sleeve. (It's easy!)

So long, eBay! In view of the poor quality of description and illustration of items from eBay and other online auction sites, together with the high probability that items are counterfeit, no more items from such sites will be considered for inclusion here. I've also been told that featuring eBay items here has led to higher prices. Thanks to those who have submitted eBay links in the past, but please don't do so in future under any circumstances.

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