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Directory of Bob Dylan’s Unreleased Songs: C

Compiled by Alan Fraser

The Songs Of Bob Dylan, Start Records (UK), 1989. This double album contains covers of four still unreleased Dylan songs: CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS by Carl Perkins (see below), DUSTY OLD FAIRGROUNDS by Blue Ash, LET'S KEEP IT BETWEEN US by Bonnie Raitt, and WANTED MAN by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. All four of these songs are on the LP and cassette versions only, not the single CD version!

Revised: 01 January, 2019

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(Indefinite and definite articles at the beginning of song titles are ignored, so A WOMAN LIKE YOU is on the "W" page, and THE KING IS ON THE THRONE is on the "K" page.)


DMCChecksUS1.jpg (37198 bytes) DMCChecksUS2.jpg (36860 bytes)
Checks, Thugs And Rock-N-Roll (RomenMpire Records, USA, 2006) - uncensored and "clean" versions of album by DMC containing CADILLAC CARS

CADILLAC CARS Bob Dylan/Neil Young/Darryl McDaniels (DMC)/Steven Roues/Billy Roues/Joe Geary, 2006 N?
Song co-credited to Bob and Ram's Horn Music which uses a lyrical variation of the refrain of KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR from "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid" on DMC's solo album "Checks, Thugs And Rock-N-Roll" (RomenMpire Records/From Rags To Riches Records 2-68607, USA, 2006). This song also contains an excerpt from OUT ON THE WEEKEND from Neil Young's "Harvest". The album also contains WATCHTOWER, a rewritten version of ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER from "John Wesley Harding". Thanks to Tim Dunn for information


MM4thTimeAround.jpg (26189 bytes)
4th Time Around: Michel Montecrossa Sings Bob Dylan, the 2001 Mira Sound Germany album with Michel's cover of Bob's then unreleased song CALIFORNIA

NCIS: The Official TV Series Soundtrack Vol. 2, the 2009 CBS US TV series soundtrack album with the first official release of CALIFORNIA
Song identified as an early version of OUTLAW BLUES with different lyrics (which appear in "Writings and Drawings" under this title, and on bobdylan.com here), recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, 13 Jan 1965 (CO85281) - the final version of OUTLAW BLUES was released on "Bringing It All Back Home". CALIFORNIA was included in the survey of unreleased Dylan by Greil Marcus in "Rolling Stone", 26 Nov 1969. It was available officially only as a cover by Italian singer Michel Montecrossa on his 2001 Mira Sound Germany album "4th Time Around", for ordering details see . Also known as GOIN' DOWN SOUTH. CALIFORNIA was officially released in Nov 2009 on the CBS US TV series soundtrack album "NCIS: The Official TV Series Soundtrack Vol. 2", so is now no longer eligible for this directory

Clinton Heylin's book "Revolution In The Air - The Songs Of Bob Dylan Vol. 1: 1957-73" (Constable, 2009) states CALIFORNIA is not in fact the same song as OUTLAW BLUES even though the two songs share some lyrics


Lyrics in a manuscript left by Bob at the home of Eve and Mac McKenzie after staying there in Summer 1961, also mentioned by Izzy Young in an interview as a song ridiculing the West Coast lifestyle. The song was performed by their son Peter McKenzie in a broadcast on WBAI radio on 23 May 1992 - thanks to Raymond Padgett for information


Uncirculating Basement Tapes song mentioned by Garth Hudson in an interview by Mark T. Gould of "2001 Sound Waves" - reported in "Isis" magazine in Dec 2001. Talking about missing songs, Garth said: "There may be things in there, I just have to find them. There's one by Bob called CAN I GET A RACEHORSE?. He thought I had it on tape and I thought he had it. It's there somewhere. We just need to see if we can find it." The song is actually copyrighted as YOU OWN A RACEHORSE, listed by Tim Dunn in his book "The Bob Dylan Copyright Files 1962-2007" (AuthorHouse, 2008). This song is still unreleased, as it's not on "The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 - Bob Dylan And The Band: The Basement Tapes Complete", released Nov 2014, reportedly because the tape on which it was recorded was actually recorded over!


CANDY 1964 O
Recording session sheet title of IT AIN’T ME, BABE, released on "Another Side of Bob Dylan"


Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes [Various Artists], Electromagnetic Recordings/Harvest Records 2537950140 (USA/Europe) containing the "lost" Dylan song CARD SHARK completed by Taylor Goldsmith

CARD SHARK Bob Dylan/Taylor Goldsmith, 1967/2014 Y
T-Bone Burnett has produced an album called "Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes", released in Nov 2014, consisting of unreleased Bob songs from lyrics unused during the Basement Tapes sessions with The Band in Woodstock, New York in 1967, completed by Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens, Taylor Goldsmith, Jim James and Marcus Mumford. CARD SHARK has been completed by Taylor Goldsmith of the band Dawes


Actually a track by Earth Opera, not Bob Dylan - see AS IT IS BEFORE


Basement Tapes instrumental recorded with The Band at Big Pink, West Saugerties, NY, Jul-Oct 1967 - probably the instrumental known as EVEN A TOMATO or JUST ANOTHER TOMATO IN THE GLASS (information from Tim Dunn). On the copyright record "CELLAR" is mis-spelled "CELLER"!


On Top, the 1969 Columbia US album by Carl Perkins featuring CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS - scan by David Plentus

Brown Eyed Handsome Man, the 1972 Columbia/Harmony US/Canada budget compilation by Carl Perkins also including CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS - picture from www.discogs.com

Blue Suede Shoes: The Best of Carl Perkins, the 1998 Columbia UK compilation CD by Carl Perkins also including CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS - scan by Jean-Pol Hiernaux

Back On Top, the 2000s Bear Family German compilation 4CD set by Carl Perkins also including CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS - scan by Jack Guerreiro
CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Bob Dylan/Carl Perkins, 1969 N
Available only as a cover by Carl Perkins from his album "On Top" (Columbia CS 9931, USA, 1969, now out of print). No Dylan version is known - Bob is reported to have written one verse only and then given Perkins the song to finish. Thanks to Gene Hennigh for information that the track reappeared on a budget compilation, "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" (Columbia/Harmony Headliner Series KH 31179, USA/Canada, 1972). Thanks also to Jean-Pol Hiernaux for information about the UK CD compilation "Blue Suede Shoes: The Best Of Carl Perkins" (Columbia 491451 2, UK, 1998), and to Jack Guerreiro for details of the 4CD Bear Family compilation "Back On Top" (Bear Family BCD 16422, Germany, 2000s). The song is also on the 1989 UK Start Records compilation "The Songs Of Bob Dylan", see top of page


Out-take from "Together Through Life", recording during the album sessions at an unknown US studio, late 2008, and included in some preview copies of the album. Mentioned during the Bill Flanagan interview included with the liner notes for "Together Through Life":

"Bill Flanagan: In that song CHICAGO AFTER DARK, were you thinking about the new President?

Bob: Not really. It's more about State Street and the wind off Lake Michigan and how sometimes we know people and we are no longer what we used to be to them. I was trying to go with some old time feeling that I had."


Recorded during "Shot Of Love" sessions at Cream Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 01 Apr 1981


"Million Dollar Bash: Bob Dylan, The Band and The Basement Tapes" by Sid Griffin (Jawbone, 2007) - book which mentions CHILLY WINDS, now identified as the traditional GOIN' DOWN THE ROAD FEELIN' BAD

Uncirculating Basement Tapes song listed by Sid Griffin in his book "Million Dollar Bash: Bob Dylan, The Band and The Basement Tapes" (Jawbone, 2007) - information from Clinton Heylin's book "Revolution In The Air - The Songs Of Bob Dylan Vol. 1: 1957-73" (Constable, 2009). Heylin hasn't found other evidence of this song, but Tim Dunn identifies it as the traditional GOIN' DOWN THE ROAD FEELIN' BAD, released on CD6 of "The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 - Bob Dylan And The Band: The Basement Tapes Complete", Nov 2014, based on the line "I'm going where the chilly winds don't blow"



According to Tim this song appeared in the “SESAC Repertory” in Autumn 2010. His best guess originally was that it was a derivative work by another artist that used a song from "The Basement Tapes", “Blonde On Blonde,” or “John Wesley Harding,” but no co-writers, title variants, and/or other publishers are listed, so that seems unlikely. The “SESAC Work Number” places the song after the “Together Through Life” and “Christmas In The Heart” material


16 Most Requested Songs (Columbia/Legacy, USA, 1993) - album by Mel Tormé with THE CHRISTMAS SONG

Christmas Songs (Telarc, UK, 2002) - album by Mel Tormé with THE CHRISTMAS SONG

The Christmas Song (Capitol, USA, 2009) - album by Nat King Cole with THE CHRISTMAS SONG

Christmas In The Heart (Columbia, 2009) with Bob's officially-released version of THE CHRISTMAS SONG

CHRISTMAS SONG Mel Tormé/Bob Wells?, 1983 S
Song recorded during the "Infidels" sessions at The Power Station, New York, 22 Apr 1983. This is very likely to be THE CHRISTMAS SONG (also known as CHESTNUTS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE), the 1944 song written by Mel Tormé and Bob Wells, best known from the 1946 hit cover by Nat King Cole, and recorded again by Bob in 2009 for "Christmas In The Heart"


A "lost" song supposed to have been recorded by Bob with the Hawks in 1965, heard by Greil Marcus, and mentioned by Paul Cable in his book "Bob Dylan - His Unreleased Recordings". Although Paul Cable then concluded it was a hoax, Tim Dunn, author of "The Bob Dylan Copyright Files 1962-2007" (AuthorHouse, 2008), informs me the song does exist, and was copyrighted as part of the Dwarf Music catalogue in October 1988. The instrumental NUMBER ONE (a.k.a. "#1") has been proposed as the source of the story, but it was copyrighted separately in 1988, and cannot be the same work. This could be the song usually known as POSITIVELY VAN GOGH, which has not been copyrighted under that name or any other that includes "Van Gogh". See also DON'T TELL HIM, IF YOU WANT MY LOVE and MEDICINE SHOW [MEDICINE SUNDAY]


Diamond Jubilation, the album by The Dixie Hummingbirds featuring CITY OF GOLD (Treasure Records, Jul 2003)

Diamond Jubilation, rear insert of Treasure Records album showing Garth Hudson and Levon Helm of The Band plus Tony Garnier and Larry Campbell of Bob Dylan's band

Masked And Anonymous, the film soundtrack album also featuring featuring CITY OF GOLD by The Dixie Hummingbirds (Columbia, Aug 2003)

Diamond Jubilation, re-release of the album by The Dixie Hummingbirds featuring CITY OF GOLD (Rounder Records, Oct 2003)
Performed live during the November-December 1980 tour, no known studio version, copyrighted 22 Dec 1980. Covered by the Dixie Hummingbirds on their album "Diamond Jubilation" (Treasure Records TR0203, USA, Jul 2003) Members of Bob's touring band Larry Campbell, Tony Garnier and George Recile play on this track, as well as Garth Hudson and Levon Helm from The Band - Larry Campbell produced the album. This track is also on the film soundtrack album "Masked And Anonymous" (Columbia CK 90618, USA, Jul 2003). "Diamond Jubilation" was re-released by Rounder Records in the USA in Oct 2003 (Rounder Records CDROUN 2181, USA). A live version from Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 22 Nov 1980, was released on the the 8CD+DVD set "The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 - Trouble No More 1979-1981 (Deluxe Edition)", Nov 2017 (CD3)


Alternate title for BELL TOWER BLUES


Osborne.jpg (20344 bytes)
Living Room by Anders Osborne (Shanachie, 1999), with the otherwise unreleased Dylan "co-composition" COAST TO COAST BLUES

COAST TO COAST BLUES Kostas/Gerry Goffin/Barry Goldberg, 1996 N
This song recorded by Anders Osborne, on his album "Living Room" (Shanachie, 1999) was originally reported as a song Bob and Gerry Goffin worked on during their collaboration on Gerry's 1996 album "Back Room Blood" (see 1996 of "Searching For A Gem"). The song is credited to "Kostas/Gerry Goffin/Barry Goldberg" but according to Tim Dunn in "Isis" 146 the story that Bob had collaborated using Barry Goldberg's name as a pseudonym was invented by Osborne's record company Shanachie in advance publicity material


Lyrics in a manuscript left by Bob at the home of Eve and Mac McKenzie after staying there in Summer 1961 - also known as EAST COLORADO BLUES


Song recorded during the "Infidels" sessions at The Power Station, New York, 13 Apr 1983


Recorded during "New Morning" sessions at Columbia Studios, New York, 05 Mar 1970 (no CO number) - no author details are given by Krogsgaard but this could be a cover of the Jay & The Americans hit


Thanks to Tim Dunn for information that the page with the handwritten lyrics of this song were auctioned on the Internet on 24 Jun 2006 - no recording or performance is known


Incorrect titling of Warren Smith's URANIUM ROCK, also mistitled ROCK 'EM DEAD


Reported in the book "If You See Him Say Hello" in a reminiscence by Radha Demodas (Donald Delaney), who tells a story of meeting Bob and Sara at the Hare Krishna temple in Denver, CO, in Fall 1974. Bob is reported to have played a new song with the chorus "Come to Krishna, come to Krishna, come to Krishna, Hari-Bol." (Delaney explains "Hari-Bol" means "to constantly chant holy names".) There are no other reports of this song or of Bob's involvement with Hare Krishna, although he was a close friend of George Harrison.
Thanks to Gil Walker for the information.


The Searchers (Sire SRK 6082, USA, 1979) featuring COMING FROM THE HEART, scan by David Plentus
Searchers2.JPG (30328 bytes)
The Sire Sessions - Rockfield Recordings 1979-80 (Raven Records RVCD-64, Australia, 1997)

Doin' Dylan 2, 2CD compilation album including COMING FROM THE HEART by the Searchers (Columbia 5042182000, Australia, 2002)
COMING FROM THE HEART (THE ROAD IS LONG) Bob Dylan/Helena Springs, 1978 S L
Out-take from "Street-Legal", recorded at Rundown Studios, Santa Monica, CA, 01 May 1978, also performed live at St. Paul, MN, 31 Oct 1978. Lyrics on bobdylan.com are here. Available officially only as a cover by the Liverpool group, the Searchers, on the US edition of their 1979 album "The Searchers", Sire SRK 6082. (On the UK edition the Dylan song was for some reason replaced by a John Hiatt song.) Thanks to Jack Guerreiro for information that this album is now available on CD in the US (Wounded Bird Records WOU-6082, 2008). All the tracks from the album including the Dylan cover (and for that matter the Hiatt cover, too) are now included on the 1997 Australian CD compilation "The Sire Sessions - Rockfield Recordings 1979-80" (Raven Records RVCD-64) For more information see The song is also on the 2002 Australian Columbia compilation "Doin' Dylan 2"


Recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, 20 Nov 1961 (CO68726), as the intro to an alternate take of Jesse Fuller's  YOU'RE NO GOOD from Bob's first Columbia album "Bob Dylan"


COSTA BRAVOS Bob Dylan?, 1964 N?
Rumoured to have been recorded with Joan Baez in a New York studio session in Summer 1964, along with duet versions of MAMA, YOU BEEN ON MY MIND and ALL I REALLY WANT TO DO


Something That Counts by Michel Montecrossa (Mira Sound Germany, 2011) with Michel's version of COVER DOWN, BREAK THROUGH

Performed live in April and May 1980, no known studio version, copyrighted 23 May 1980. Covered by Michel Montecrossa on his 2011 Mira Sound Germany 2CD set "Something That Counts: Climate Change Acoustic Concert - Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2011", which also contains covers of GET YOUR ROCKS OFF, YOU’VE BEEN HIDING TOO LONG and WELL, WELL, WELL. Thanks to Tim Dunn for information. Live versions from Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, NY, 1 May 1980 (CD4) and Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 17-20 Apr 1980 (CD5) were released on the the 8CD+DVD set "The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 - Trouble No More 1979-1981 (Deluxe Edition)", Nov 2017


"The Masked Marauders" (Deity/Reprise 6378, USA, 1969) - spoof album including fake Dylan song COW PIE

COW PIE 1969 N?
One of the songs supposedly by Bob on the 1969 spoof album "The Masked Marauders" (Deity/Reprise 6378, USA, 1969), who were supposed to be a secret supergroup including Bob Dylan, John, Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Mick Jagger. This was generated by a spoof album review in "Rolling Stone" magazine for 18 Oct 1969. See the "M" page for MORE OR LESS HUDSON'S BAY AGAIN


Song registered as part of the collective work comprising the CD-ROM "Highway 61 Interactive", see 1995. A handwritten lyric page is included with the text "Meanwhile back in Texas - beautiful Texas - Freud paces back & forth -- struggling with his boot & trying to finish his Vermouth". Thanks to Tim Dunn for information


"Rough Songs", the book by Stephen Bishop of rough drafts of songs by famous songwriters, includes the manuscript page of an early version of PLEDGING MY TIME, released on "Blonde On Blonde" - this page also contains a numbered list of what looks like the sequence of one side of an LP with mostly unknown song titles:

1 Cross Fire
2 Hey Baby
3 Julietta
4 You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine
5 Love Will Endure
6 Little Baby

CROSSROADS is of course the title of a song by Robert Johnson.


Instrumental recorded with The Band during the "Planet Waves" sessions at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CA, 02 Nov 1973, copyrighted 20 Dec 1973


Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Fest 2008 (Mira Sound, Germany, 2008) - 6 CD/DVD boxed set with Michel Montecrossa's version of CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS

Recorded at Broadside magazine offices, New York, March 1963 - Dylan lyrics to the traditional TRAIL OF THE BUFFALO, also known as WORLD WAR NO III. Now recorded by Michel Montecrossa in 2008 for his Mira Sound "Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Fest 2008" set (6 CDs or 6 DVDs). Thanks to David Plentus and Jack Guerreiro for information


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