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Audio: 2021

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Revised: 04 May, 2021.

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"Bob Dylan 1970" - 3CD sets: Columbia/Legacy 19439856412 (USA), 26 Feb 2021; Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music 19439856412 (Europe), 26 Feb 2021/19 Mar 2021; Sony Music SICP 31421~3 (Japan), 26 Feb 2021:
The release date for the UK only was put back to 19 Mar 2021.

Columbia/Legacy 19439856412 (USA) - front with sticker, scan by Jack from Canada
This set was previously released on 4 Dec 2020 in Europe only as 50th Anniversary Collection 1970 (see 2020). It will still apparently be a limited release so the 74 tracks it contains may remain rarities. For now, full details are also in International Album Releases (Regular).
Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music 19439856412 (Europe) - front with sticker, scan by Dr. Walter Roedl

Sony Music SICP 31421~3 (Japan) - front with obi and sticker, scan by Sonny Boy McFitzson

There are two new tracks:

R-2300 If Not For You (take 1) - recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, 2 Jun 1970 (track omitted from 50th Anniversary Collection 1970 in error)

R-2301 If Not For You (take 2) - recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, 2 Jun 1970 (track omitted from 50th Anniversary Collection 1970 in error)

Thanks to Jack from Canada, Dr. Walter Roedl, Sonny Boy McFitzson and Arie de Reus for information and scans.

Jokerman/I And I (The Reggae Remix EP by Doctor Dread) - 12" stereo vinyl EP, Columbia/Sony Music (catalogue numbers?) (USA/Europe), 17 Jul 2921:

Picture from Record Store Day 2021 web-site

This 12” exclusive to Record Store Day 2021 features two reggae remixes each of Jokerman and I And I, by Doctor Dread. The original versions of both tracks appeared on Dylan’s Infidels album, with Sly & Robbie (Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare) as the rhythm section. The two I And I remixes were previously released on Is It Rolling Bob: A Reggae Tribute To Bob Dylan (see 2004), while the Jokerman remixes are newly commissioned and previously unreleased. Doctor Dread has worked with Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, Jimmy Cliff, Inner Circle, Gregory Isaacs, Luciano, Mad Cobra, Freddy McGregor, Sly and Robbie, Steel Pulse, The Wailers and many others.

Side A: 1. “Jokerman [Reggae Remix]” 2. “Jokerman [Instrumental Dub]”
Side B: 1. “I and I [Reggae Remix]” 2. “I and I [Reggae Dub]”

RAS/Sanctuary RZDDD008 (UK) - front of 2CD set with sticker (my copy, 2004)

RAS/Sanctuary Records 06076-89943-2 (USA) - front with sticker, scan by Hans Seegers (2005)

R-2325 Jokerman [Reggae Remix] - remix by Doctor Dread of track from Infidels

R-2326 Jokerman [Instrumental Dub] - dub remix by Doctor Dread of track from Infidels

R-0664-2 I And I - reggae remix of track from Infidels from Is It Rolling, Bob? A Reggae Tribute To Bob Dylan Vol. 1, see 2004)
This track was also one of the 42 rarities included for download with the Aug 2006 Apple iTunes Bob Dylan Collection, see Online Performances (Other).

R-0665-3 I And I - dub remix by Doctor Dread of R-0664 from bonus disc with Is It Rolling, Bob? A Reggae Tribute To Bob Dylan Vol. 1, see 2004, also previously released separately on Is It Rolling, Bob? Dub Versions: Visions Of Jamaica, see 2005
R-0665 was re-released by Doctor Dread with a Theremin remix as "I For An Eye" (R-1093) on his 2013 Tsosume Records USA album Theremin In Dub, see

Thanks to Badlands and Paul S. Levine for information.

Promotional/Regular Items for 2021

Living In Another Country: International Stereo Releases

Stereo promo albums and singles for 2021 which don't contain rare material but which are still very collectable are now included with promo releases of regular albums and commercially released singles on the appropriate page in International Stereo Releases.

Bob Dylan 1970 (2021)

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