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This new page collects non-album song performances and interviews by Bob Dylan on DVD from 2010 onwards. I would be grateful for any additional information on these items and other material to place here. Video material included on CD-ROMs or CD Plus discs is still in the main directory in the appropriate part. Unauthorised documentaries or compilations of performance footage are now included in Questionable Video. For 2010 onwards films with Dylan album tracks, see VHS & DVD: Films with Dylan Album Tracks 2010s.

Films are listed by date of original appearance (in theatres or on TV), not when the VHS video or DVD came out, often some years later. This page does not include songs from regular albums that appear in films or videos without performance footage, nor do I include music videos of standard album tracks - for a full Dylan filmography, see "Expecting Rain" or "TV Talkin'"

For informed discussion of all Bob's screen appearances, see C.P. Lee's well-received book "Like A Bullet Of Light ".

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Mercier for laserdisc details and catalogue numbers and Michel Pomarede for scans. Thanks also to Larry Crum for checking these entries against his own collection, "Positively Bob Dylan" by Michael Krogsgaard, "Bob Dylan on Video" (article in "Record Collector" magazine, Sep 1992), and several other sources. All scans that aren't credited are from my own collection or

If you have any entries to add to the list or additions/corrections to existing entries, please let me know! Please note I cannot value your Dylan rarities - see the Mission page for reasons why. Contact the dealers on my Trading page for assistance!

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"The Mauritanian" - feature film released in the USA, 1 Apr 2021; DVD release: Universal 2136721 (USA), 2021; Blu-ray release: Universal 2136718 (USA), 2021

Universal 2136721 (USA) - DVD front picture from

Universal 2136721 (USA) - DVD rear picture from

Universal 2136721 (USA) - DVD picture from André Wilbers

Universal 2136718 (USA) - Blu-ray front picture from

Universal 2136718 (USA) - Blu-ray rear picture from

US film poster, picture from André Wilbers

This film includes The Man In Me from New Morning, the regular album version at normal length. When it is first played the sound is dimmed with the main character of the film singing along. The volume is raised to full after the singing stops.

Thanks to André Wilbers for information and pictures.

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