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Two albums from Fairport Convention including the "Dylan/Carruthers" song JACK O' DIAMONDS - Fairport Convention (Island, 1968) and Wishfulness Waltz (Mooncrest, 2000) which has a 1997 live version

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Odelay, the 1996 Uni/DGC album by Back including the "co-composition" JACK ASS. Odelay is now available as a "Deluxe Edition" in a digipak, Geffen B0010262-02 (USA, 2008), and also in vinyl releases by Bong Load Records (1996) and IMS-Geffen Records (2016)

JACK ASS Beck Hansen/Mike Simpson/John King/Bob Dylan, 1996 N
This song, recorded by Beck on his 1996 Uni/DGC album "Odelay", features a sample of IT'S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE - not by Bob, but from the cover version by Them. It is copyrighted by Bob at Special Rider - thanks to Dag Braathen, Tim Dunn, Jack from Canada and Lars-Arne Klintworth for information


JACK O' DIAMONDS, a Dylan poem set to music by Ben Carruthers and released without permission. This Jun 1965 UK single (Parlophone R 5295) was withdrawn, although the song was also recorded by Fairport Convention in 1968 (see above) and in two later live versions. Thanks to Jean-Pol Hiernaux for the scan of the UK promo 7" single (the scan of the regular single is from the UK music magazine "Mojo") This track is now included on the 2007 UK Zonophone compilation Take My Tip: 25 British Mod Artefacts From The EMI Vaults

JACK O' DIAMONDS Bob Dylan/Ben Carruthers, 1965 O
Not strictly a Dylan song, but Poem #4 of "Some Other Kind Of Songs..." from the sleeve notes of "Another Side Of Bob Dylan", set to music without authorisation along with Poem #5 GO JOSHUA GO by American actor (and friend of Dylan) Ben Carruthers for a BBC drama called "The Man Without Papers" by Troy Kennedy Martin, 6 Jun 1965. At the time the BBC listings magazine "Radio Times" claimed the songs, played by a band called Seeds, had been written by Dylan specially for Ben Carruthers.  JACK O' DIAMONDS was released as a quickly withdrawn UK Parlophone single by Ben Carruthers with the British group, The Deep (featuring Jimmy Page on guitar). This title is also one listed as being on a hoax tape called "The Pittsburgh Radio Tape", mentioned by Paul Cable in his book "Bob Dylan - His Unreleased Recordings". The song was recorded by Fairport Convention in 1968 on their first self-titled album (UK LP - Polydor 582 035; US LP - Cotillion SD 9024, 1970; UK/US CD - Polydor 835 230-2, 1990). There is a live version from Aug 1997 on "The Cropredy Box" (Woodworm Records WR3CD026, 1999/Mooncrest CRESTBCD-042, 1999) which can also be found on the compilation "Wishfulness Waltz" (Mooncrest CRESTCD048, 2000), and a second live version from Aug 2002 on the 2CD set "Another Gig: Another Palindrome" (Woodworm Records WR2CD 039). Thanks to Jack from Canada that the album "Wishfulness Waltz" was originally released in 1997 under the title "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" and then re-released in 2000 with four extra tracks including the 1997 live version of JACK O' DIAMONDS. The original single by Ben Carruthers and The Deep is now available on the 2007 UK Zonophone compilation "Take My Tip: 25 British Mod Artefacts From The EMI Vaults".

Thanks to Arie Euwijk for extensive information about Fairport Convention and Ben Carruthers, who sadly died in 1983 from liver failure. Thanks also to Roger Ford, Tim Dunn and Jim Linwood


JAMAICA FAREWELL "Lord Burgess" (Irving Burgie), 1970 S
Song recorded during the "New Morning" sessions at Columbia Studios, New York, 03 Jun 1970 (CO106785), reputed to be 13 minutes in length - and listed on the recording session sheet as KINGSTON TOWN (JAMAICA)

The writer is unidentified by Krogsgaard - thanks to Gil Walker for the information that this song is credited to "Lord Burgess" on albums by Arlo Guthrie, Chuck Berry, Harry Belafonte, etc. It is actually copyrighted at ASCAP by Irving Burgie, and has also been recorded by The Kingston Trio, The Four Preps and Chubby Checker among many others. Supposedly Bob Johnston made an acetate of this song for Ron Cornelius, but this story has not been confirmed - hopefully it will turn up on a future "Bootleg Series" release!


Lyrics from a red memo book ca. 1969-70 held at the Bob Dylan Archive, University of Tulsa, OK. Thanks to Derek Barker and "Isis" magazine for information



Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) - 1987 MCA album by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with JAMMIN' ME

1987 MCA Spain promo 7" single by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with JAMMIN' ME
TomPettyGrassDogsFront.jpg (25887 bytes)
High Grass Dogs: Live From The Fillmore - 1999 Warner/Reprise DVD from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with live performance of JAMMIN' ME

Anthology: Through The Years - 2000 MCA compilation by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers also with JAMMIN' ME
JAMMIN' ME Bob Dylan/Tom Petty/Mike Campbell, 1986 N
Released on Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' 1987 MCA album "Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)", also released on promo singles together with BAND OF THE HAND (see "Searching For A Gem", 1987). It also appears on the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' 2000 MCA 2CD compilation "Anthology: Through The Years". No Bob version exists - reportedly Bob just suggested several lines while Tom Petty was working on the song. He is, however, rumoured to play guitar on the Heartbreakers' version. Thanks to Jack from Canada for the scan of "High Grass Dogs: Live From The Fillmore" (Warner/Reprise 38512-2, USA, 1999) DVD release with a live performance of the song


Written in Oslo, Norway, and performed eight times in Europe in July 1981, with different lyrics each time! The live version from Freilichbühne, Lorelei, St. Goarshausen, West Germany, 17 Jul 1981, was released on the the 8CD+DVD set "The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 - Trouble No More 1979-1981 (Deluxe Edition)", Nov 2017 (CD3)


Twice As Nice & Half The Price - 1971 double album by Heron (Dawn DNLS 3025, UK) with their version of JOHN BROWN

JOHN BROWN Bob Dylan/Gerald T. Moore, 1971 N
This version of Bob's 1962 song JOHN BROWN, first released officially on "MTV Unplugged" in 1995, has new music by Gerald T. Moore of the group Heron (this is not the 1970s group Heron originally known as Mike Heron's Reputation formed by Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band). It was included on their 1971 UK double album "Twice As Nice & Half The Price" (Dawn DNLS 3025), released in Japan in 2004 as a 2CD set (Arcàngelo ARC-8002/03). Tim Dunn says: "Band member Gerald T. Moore takes credit for the music. However, I believe he copped the music from the traditional song known variously as 500 MILES, 900 MILES, 900 MILES FROM MY HOME, and HEAR THE WHISTLE BLOW A HUNDRED MILES); there are probably more names for the song. You can hear Dylan's official release (900 MILES FROM MY HOME) on "The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 -The Basement Tapes Complete" (2014); there's also a version on the Karen Wallace St. Paul MN May 1960 tape." Thanks to Freddy Ordóñez Araque and Tim Dunn for information


Lyrics from a light blue pocket memo book ca. 1968-69 held at the Bob Dylan Archive, University of Tulsa, OK. Thanks to Derek Barker and "Isis" magazine for information


Recording session sheet title of JUST LIKE TOM THUMB’S BLUES, released on "Highway 61 Revisited"


Possible song title listed on the manuscript page of PLEDGING MY TIME, included in "Rough Songs" by Stephen Bishop - for more details see CROSS FIRE


Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, picture from Wikipedia (Library of Congress image free for non-commercial use

The Bootleg Series Vol. 16 - Springtime In New York 1980-1985 (Europe) - 5CD Deluxe Edition with JULIUS AND ETHEL

A song about the Rosenbergs, who were American Communists executed for spying for the USSR in 1953, out-take from "Infidels", recorded at The Power Station, New York, 27 Apr 1983. Now included on the 5CD Deluxe Edition of "The Bootleg Series Vol. 16 - Springtime In New York 1980-1985", released in Sep 2021.


Recording session sheet title of SHE'S YOUR LOVER NOW released on "The Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3"


Piano instrumental from the Basement Tapes, probably the work copyrighted as CELLAR INSTRUMENTAL NUMBER 1 (information from Tim Dunn). See also EVEN A TOMATO, the instrumental by The Band, which may be a different song. Thanks to Moise Potie for clarification


Lyrics in a manuscript left by Bob at the home of Eve and Mac McKenzie after staying there in Summer 1961 - information from Clinton Heylin's book "Revolution In The Air - The Songs Of Bob Dylan Vol. 1: 1957-73" (Constable, 2009). The song is reportedly an attempt at a spiritual


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